Smart-LEDA Plus 

The Smart-LEDA Plus is a Smart-LEDA with the additional measurement of the Toe Brachial Indices (TBI).  Our most comprehensive diagnostic including an ABI (with Pulse Volume Recordings and 7 additional markers), a TBI test, and a Sudomotor test (using a change in sympathetic skin response) for Peripheral Autonomic Neuropathy. 


  • Fast 7 Minute Patient Throughput with All Three Tests

  • Measurement of ABI is performed by Pulse Volume Recording

  • Report shows ABI, TBI, Volume Plethysmography, Vasomotion, Pressure Waveforms and Velocity Waveforms. 

  • Measures Cholinergic Sympathetic Nerves and C-Fiber Sweat Response

  • Measures Blood Volume During Cardiac Cycle

  • Measures Rhythmic Changes in Diameter of Vessels 

  • Ability to Skip a Limb or Add a Manual Blood Pressure

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Pulse Volume Recordings and Volume Plethysmography

  • Trends Patient Results

  • Easy-To-Use Technology

  • Eliminates Rescheduling

  • Physician-Friendly Report

  • Portable 

  • Immediate Results

Pulse Oximeter.png
The Smart-LEDA Plus includes an oximeter displaying a waveform at the second toe. The waveform analysis (time domain and frequency domain) uses patented algorithms to calculate toe blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and blood flow.
LED photo sensors.PNG
LEDA Plus Sudo.PNG