Smart-ABI Plus with TBI

The Smart-ABI Plus is a Smart-ABI with a Toe Cuff to run an additional measurement of the Toe Brachial Indices (TBI).  Immediately after the study, a report is ready to be reviewed by the doctor. Data collected can be monitored for trends over time aiding in PAD population management. 


  • Fast – 5 Minute Patient Throughput

  • Saves Time & Reduces Rescheduling

  • Correlates 98% to Doppler

  • Easy-to-use Technology

  • Uses Bluetooth Wireless Cuff Technology for Pulse Volume Recordings, Volume Plethysmography and Toe Pressure information.

  • Tracks Medical Management

  • Protocols Using Quantitative Data Analysis

  • Physician-Friendly Report

  • Improves Quality of Referrals

The Smart-ABI Plus includes an oximeter displaying a waveform at the second toe. The waveform analysis (time domain and frequency domain) uses patented algorithms to calculate toe blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and blood flow.
LED photo sensors.PNG