"The SMART-ABI allows our practice to diagnosis PAD at its earliest stage to help prevent surgery and amputations. The SMART-ABI represents a quintessential change in how we manage our patients and practice."

Hal Ornstein, DPM, Saddle River, New Jersey

“The Smart-ABI has changed our workflow and improved our operating efficiency dramatically. It’s all but eliminated rescheduling & scheduling around vascular issues.”

Mario Echavarria, MD, Internal Medicine, McAllen, Texas

"The Smart-LEDA is a two-in-one device that allows us to test for Peripheral Artery Disease and Peripheral Autonomic Nueropathy. It’s a GREAT value proposition"

Ryan Anderson, DPM, Salt Lake City, Utah

"The SMART-ABI helps our practice manage our patient population through early diagnosis, a quantitative baseline, and the ability to track and follow the disease progression over time. It’s a game changer.”

Richard Jacoby, DPM, Scottsdale, Arizona

“You’ll never realize how many patients need the test until you have the Smart-ABI device in your office.”

Victor McNamara, DPM, Orlando, Florida

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