Smart-LEDA: Two Tests On One Device! 

The Smart-LEDA adds Sudomotor testing to the Smart-ABI with the ability to run either test or both tests at the same time.  The Smart-LEDA includes the ABI test (which includes Pulse Volume Recording and 7 additional markers) and a change in sympathetic skin response test for Peripheral Autonomic Neuropathy.  This test uses a constant electrical stimulation of the C-Fibers. The C-Fibers activation induces first, a microcirculation dilation and then, a sweat response.  Within a matter of minutes, both tests are completed on the patient.  The data is captured and a physician-friendly report is produced and ready for review by the physician.

  • Fast 7 minute Patient Throughput with Both Tests

  • Saves Time & Reduces Rescheduling

  • Correlates 98% to Doppler

  • Easy-to-use Technology

  • Measures Cholinergic Sympathetic Nerves and C-Fiber Sweat Response

  • Uses Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Pulse Volume Recordings and Volume Plethysmography

  • Tracks Medical Management

  • Protocols Using Quantitative Data Analysis

  • Physician-Friendly Report

  • Improves Quality of Referrals


Smart-LEDA Patient Report - V2 - 02.24.2