“The Smart VASO is a basic and important tool that is faster, more efficient and reproducible by any of my staff.”

Son Duong, MD, Vascular Surgeon, Orange County, California


"The SMART-ABI allows our practice to diagnosis PAD at its earliest stage to help prevent surgery and amputations. The SMART-ABI represents a quintessential change in how we manage our patients and practice."

Hal Ornstein, DPM, Saddle River, New Jersey


“The Smart-ABI has changed our workflow and improved our operating efficiency dramatically.  It’s all but eliminated rescheduling & scheduling around vascular issues.”

Mario Echavarria, MD, Internal Medicine, McAllen, Texas


"The Smart-ABI will revolutionize the way we detect and manage PAD."

Vascular Surgeon, San Antonio, Texas


"The Smart-LEDA is a two-in-one device that allows us to test for PAD and PN.  It’s a GREAT value proposition"

Ryan Anderson, DPM, Salt Lake City, Utah


"The SMART-ABI helps our practice manage our patient population through early diagnosis, a quantitative baseline, and the ability to track and follow the disease progression over time. It’s a game changer.”

Richard Jacoby, DPM, Scottsdale, Arizona


“Compared to our old technology, it’s so much faster and easier, our staff absolutely loves it!”

Podiatrist, Tacoma, Washington


“We’re doing at least two tests a day.  This device paid for itself in less than two months.  Incredible.”

Endocrinologist, McAllen, Texas


"I didn't think you could teach an old dog new tricks, but you certainly did with the Smart-ABI."

Vascular Surgeon, San Antonio, Texas


“The process from investigation, to purchase, training and implementation – the team at Smart-ABI made everything easy and convenient.  Very satisfied."

Family  Practice, Orlando, Florida


“Everyone is getting one!”

Podiatrist, Houston, Texas


“After a severe result on the patient report, we were able to get our patient in to see a vascular surgeon immediately and we ultimately saved a limb in the process.”

Internal Medicine, Dallas, Texas


“This device has saved my patients from amputations”

Podiatrist, Chicago, Illinois


“You’ll never realize how many patients need the test until you have the Smart-ABI device in your office.”

Victor McNamara, DPM, Orlando, Florida





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